Blind Ronald returns

A blind man who visited Dudley Zoo on its opening day back in May 1937, took a trip down Memory Lane when he made a return journey 76 years on.

ronald_staton_2Ronald Staton, aged 83, attended the opening of the zoo the day before his seventh birthday as a pupil of Birmingham School for the Blind.

He said: “I remember all the hustle and bustle of the opening and the crowds of people and also the steep hills to get around the site.”   His wife, Linda – pictured below with Ronald –who travelled with him from their Skegness home said: “Ronald has very fond memories of the place and often talks about that day at Dudley Zoo.   “He has thoroughly enjoyed coming back and found all the stories of the place very interesting.”   Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “It was fascinating listening to Ronald’s views of the zoo, because, of course, he couldn’t see any of the animals, so relied on his other senses and described quite clearly the layout of the site.”   ronald_staton_2