Blake’s hoop skills

DZG’s Harris Hawk, Blake, is showcasing his hoop skills in the daily birds of prey display.


Keepers have trained the three-year-old to fly through four plastic hoops to demonstrate how hawks can squeeze through tight spaces in their hunt for food in the wild.

Birds Section Leader, Kellie Piper, said: “We try to use different ways to show people what these birds are capable of doing.

“We decided on using hoops to show visitors how hawks are great at dipping their wings to access tight spots.

“They have very broad wings, but can tuck them under and extend them again rapidly, which enables them to get close to the ground in their hunt for cottontails and jack rabbits, which would be their typical diet in the wild.

“If visitors look closely during the show they will see Blake tuck his wings to go through the hoop and unfurl them again quickly in between.”

Catch the birds of prey show daily in the castle courtyard at 12pm. 

Caption: Bird Keeper, Luke Millar and Harris Hawk, Blake. 

Watch Blake in action in the video below…