Birthday wishes Olivia and Broom!

Black and white ruffed lemurs Olivia and Broom not only share the same DZG enclosure – but the same birthday too!


The pair were both born on 18th April but there are eight years between them. Olivia, pictured above left, is 14 today and Broom, shown on the right, is 22.


They were both treated to a bowl of bananas from Upper Primates Keeper Sian-leigh Simner, pictured above and left, to mark their big day.

Section Leader Pat Stevens said: “It’s an amazing co-incidence that they are not related but share the same enclosure and the same birthday. They really love each other too.

“They lapped up their treat and Olivia even got into some acrobatic positions to reach for the fruit!”

Olivia was born at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire and Broom at Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire.

Many visitors will have seen Broom in action as he makes regular appearances in the Go Wild! Theatre show in our Discovery Centre.

Left: Limber lemur… Olivia gracefully reaches for her birthday bananas.

Many happy returns of the day Olivia and Broom!