Birthday takeaway

Our gorgeous Sumatran tiger, Joao, is celebrating his 5th birthday today and keepers treated the big cat to a Chinese and Indian takeaway!

Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans, pictured above, stuffed two hessian sacks with used giraffe bedding and covered one with soy sauce and the other with curry powder before throwing them to the birthday boy, who was eagerly awaiting his gifts.

Sarah said: “Joao loves the smell of curry powder, which I mixed with water and poured over the bag and he spent ages licking it all off and enjoyed it more than the soy sauce taste.

“It was lovely to see him jumping around and playing with the bags, especially as Daseep wasn’t fussed with them, so he actually got to enjoy his birthday presents for himself for a change, as she usually takes any treats for herself.”

DZG keepers regularly use different scents on the site’s big cats including spices, perfumes and herbs which encourages their natural hunting, tracking and foraging behaviours.

Happy Birthday Joao – and to Jimandi our lovely Bactrian camel, who’s seven today!

Watch Joao investigate his gift in the video below…