Birthday of opposites!

We’ve got two milestone birthdays on site today – the first is one of DZG’s biggest animals, while the other is one of the smallest!

dzg_new_sealion_oba_17_web_1        dzg_new_sealion_oba_17_web_1

Oba, our Patagonian sealion, who tips the scales at 37 stone, turns 16 today, while Summer, our Sulawesi crested macaque baby, celebrates her first birthday.

Curator Richard Brown, said: “Oba arrived at DZG from France 15 months-ago, while Summer caused a stir with her entrance into the world as some of our visitors got the unique opportunity to witness her birth and since their arrivals they’ve both quickly become firm favourites.”

dzg_new_sealion_oba_17_web_1Senior Keeper, Neil Flockhart delivered birthday boy, Oba his fishy breakfast in a plastic barrel, which he’d cut holes in the side and filled with fish. 

The present involved the sealion having to knock the barrel around his moat pool, which slowly released the fish for him to enjoy throughout the morning.


But not before he planted a fishy kiss on Neil’s cheek in thanks!

Meanwhile little Summer, who was born to mum Jasmine and dad Simon, on the climbing frame of their former enclosure, is set to enjoy some extra treats from her keepers today. 

And despite being the youngest in the group – she certainly rules the roost, with keepers saying she will even go and take food out of the mouths of the others. 

Senior Keeper, Jodie Dryden, said: “She’s very cheeky as she knows her mum and dad are the dominant pair so she thinks she can get away with anything. 

“She’s come on leaps and bounds over the last 12 months and loves the new enclosure, especially the ropes inside – she loves showing us what she can do, her specialist move is hanging upside down!”


If you’re visiting today, you’ll find Summer at the bottom of the zoo and Oba at the top!

Thanks to Kathryn Willetts and Vickie Fellows for their lovely macaque photos.