Birthday girl Banika

We’re wishing our youngest and most playful chimp Banika many happy returns as she turned 24 today.

The birthday girl enjoyed some dates and monkey nuts which were kindly donated to the all-female group by chimp lover and DZG member Wendy Gray.

Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden said: “Banika is definitely our cheekiest chimp and a very adventurous ape.

“She lapped up the dates and monkey nuts which Wendy brought in for our seven girls to share.

“We decided to give them out on Banika’s special day so they could all celebrate with the baby of the group.

“Banika was just four years old when she came to us from London Zoo, so has grown up here.

“Earlier in the year we put together an album for the chimps of their 20 years at Dudley Zoo and her baby pictures are incredibly cute.”

Happy Birthday Banika!