Birthday fishes for Cleo!

Our oldest Patagonian sealion, Cleo, is celebrating her 28th birthday today.


Trainee Keeper Josh Luxton gives Cleo her birthday fishes!

Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans, said: “Cleo has surpassed the life expectancy for a captive sealion, which is between 20 – 25 years, so she’s doing really well and we’ve all got a soft spot for her.

“She’s slowed down now and is a little grumpy, especially when it comes to feeding time as she doesn’t like sharing her sprats with the other younger girls, but we’ll excuse her as she’s a grand old lady!

“We individually feed the girls, so we know they’ve each eaten enough, but I reckon Cleo will have a few extra treats today!”

Cleo shares her moat pool with Marina, Tania and Deisy, who collectively eat 16 kilos of sprats a day, while male, Oba, who lives in the adjacent pool gulps down nine kilos to himself a day!

Hear all about our sealions and wish Cleo many happy returns during today’s talk and feeds at 12.15pm and 2.45pm.