Birthday boy!

Look who’s sliding into his fourth birthday in style today!

It’s Indah our lar gibbon off to find his birthday treats left inside the internal den by keepers.

The birthday boy, who can easily be recognised from the rest of his family by his snowy white fur, was treated to his favourite foods of banana and sweet potato

Upper Primates Senior Keeper, Sian Leigh Simner, said: “Indah is still very much a mummy’s boy, so wherever she is, he’s not too far behind.

“But you can always spot him as he always looks clean and pristine.”

Celebrating alongside Indah, which is Indonesian for beautiful, is mum Meo, dad Huggy, big sister Penny and baby brother Gary who can be found in their enclosure adjacent to the sealion pool.

An endangered species, Lar gibbons originate from south-east Asia, including Thailand, Myanmar and China, where their habitat is threatened by hunting, deforestation and commercial plantations of palm oil.