Birthday boy is kept bizzy!

Birthday boy, Kito, has been having a ball with new enrichment, following a £100 donation from a DZG supporter.

Staff used the generous gift to purchase a new Bizzy Bites boredom breaker – an enrichment toy typically used for horses, but which is also perfect for our giraffe trio and Kito, who is four today, soon put it to the test.

Keeper, Josh Luxton, said: “I won a Bizzy Bites boredom breaker in a zoo keeper competition last year and it proved to be so popular with our giraffes, that when we received the donation, we decided to purchase another one, plus a number of mint-flavoured refill licks which go inside the ball.

“It’s great for the giraffes, who all take an interest in it, as it encourages natural grazing because we can winch it into the air in the paddock, so they have to stretch their necks and use their long tongues to reach the lick, which spins inside the ball, so it’s not that easy for them.”

Kubwa and Kito share the lick in the above photo, while Josie takes her turn in the video below…

If you’re visiting today, make sure you swing by the giraffe paddock and wish Kito a very happy birthday!