Birthday boxes

Giant anteater Romy had to box clever today to find her birthday surprises stashed inside cardboard boxes.

Keeper Josh Luxton stuffed empty boxes with scrunched up newspaper, dried mealworms and bottles of yogurt as a treat for Romy on her third birthday.

She was first to approach the boxes and then our one-year-old male, Bubbles, came to join the party. The birthday boxes kept the pair entertained for over an hour.

Josh said: “We wanted to give Romy something stimulating on her special day and boxes are a new thing to both Romy and Bubbles.

“Boxes are a popular enrichment activity we use across the zoo to make feeding and snack times more interesting for our animals. And it’s a great way of keeping green and recycling too, as we re-use cardboard boxes from our stores.”

Happy birthday Romy!