Birthday bird, Pingu!

Bird keepers delivered a delicious fishy birthday breakfast for DZG’s oldest Humboldt penguin this morning.


Pingu turns 23 today and keepers made sure he had first pick of the sprats in Penguin Bay. 

Keeper Kriss Pearson, pictured above, said: “Pingu is a very special penguin to us as he was one of five hand-reareds who started our DZG colony back in 1991.

“It’s because of him that we now have 67 parent-reared penguins in the bay, which is one of the largest colonies of Humboldt penguins in the UK and DZG birds have helped enhance colonies at other animal collections across the country.”

Celebrations will continue tomorrow to mark World Penguin Day, an annual event to coincide with the annual northern migration of penguins.

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