Birthday balti

A birthday curry was the order of the day as our handsome Sumatran tiger Joao turned six.

Keepers spiced up the big cat’s birthday breakfast by stuffing straw and his favourite Indian curry powder into a bunny-shaped sack – and he lapped it up.

The spice and a bottle of scent was given to the zoo as a present for the birthday boy from a generous DZG supporter.

Senior Big Cat Keeper Sam Grove said: “Last birthday we gave Joao a choice and threw him two sacks, one Chinese option covered with soy sauce and the other was sprinkled with curry powder.

“He definitely preferred the Indian takeaway, so we decided to serve up his favourite treat for his sixth birthday.

“Joao spent ages licking the curry off the sack and it was great to watch him enjoying his special gift.”

DZG keepers regularly use different scents on the site’s big cats including spices, perfumes and herbs which encourages their natural hunting, tracking and foraging behaviours.

Happy Birthday Joao – and to Jimandi, our Bactrian camel, who’s eight today!