Birth of baby camel

DZG is celebrating the birth of an adorable baby camel – which will be taking its first steps outside today.


ABOVE – It’s a beautiful girl – Hello Fergie and welcome to DZG!

webdzg_baby_camel_13The baby girl, named Fergie by delighted keepers, was born on October 3 to proud parents mum Jimandi, known as Mandi, and dad Charles (pictured left).

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said the parents were doing a great job of looking after the little one – who is already 4ft tall – but staff were supplementing her feeding with four bottles of replacement calf mix a day.

Lesley said: “Fergie is an absolute dreamboat and it’s wonderful to observe her behaviour each day.

“This will be her first time out in the paddock today and we’re sure she’ll get plenty of attention from visitors.

“We’re being completely camel-led and will be letting Fergie go in and out as she pleases. I’m sure she’ll want to have a sleep at some point during the day under a heater indoors.

“This is very exciting news for the zoo. We’d been waiting for her arrival and we are thrilled she is here and doing so well.”


This is the first baby for Mandi and Charles, both aged five, and keepers said the three were sticking close together and made a wonderful family.


Congratulations Mandi and Charles on the birth of gorgeous Fergie!