Birds pair up!

Our female Victoria Crowned pigeon has a very special birthday present, with the arrival of a male suitor!

The pigeon, who’s four today, has been joined in Lorikeet Lookout by a five-year-old male from Frankfurt Zoo in Germany – pictured above –  and it seems love might already be in the air!

Section Leader Nicola Wright said: “The introductions between the pair have been really positive and the male seemed very taken with her straight away.”

In fact, signs are looking so good that the female, who arrived here two years-ago, has already started to build a nest on the apex of the walkthrough’s feeding station!

Nicola added: “We’ve tried to encourage her off the apex, so we’ve built a flat platform right next to where she’s building, but she’s not moved, so must be happy where she is and the male is fetching and passing her branches, so we’ll leave them to it.”

The impressive blue-grey coloured bird is the largest pigeon species in the world and is distinguished by the fanned crest of white-tipped feathers on its head and its striking red eyes.

A predominantly ground-dwelling bird, the species is classed as vulnerable and has suffered a rapid decline due to the destruction of its habitat, plus it’s also a prized trophy for poachers.