Birds back to it!

Delta, our hand-reared red-legged seriema, enjoyed exploring the castle courtyard for the first time this year, following his annual moult.

The one year-old, along with the rest of our bird of prey team have been off-show since the beginning of December, but with the weather getting warmer, keepers have reintroduced our popular daily bird of prey show.

Birds Section Leader Nicola Wright said: “Our birds undergo their annual rest over the winter months, during which we increase their food and allow them to shed their feathers and regrow a new set.

“They’re now flight ready again and weather permitting we’ll be showcasing our birds during the 12pm display in the courtyard as well as continuing our training with them during the afternoons.”

Plus, we’ve got some exciting new additions to the bird of prey team – we’ll be revealing more very soon!