Bird’s a busy builder

DZG’s male roul roul partridge is impressing bird keepers with his nest building skills.


The bird is producing intricate, weaved enclosed nests for the female to lay in, and keepers have been amazed at the speed at which he’s working.

Birds Section Leader, Kellie Piper, said: “The male is such a hard worker and is producing some beautiful looking nests by weaving together bits of straw and leaves that we’ve added into the enclosure for him to use.


“Male roul rouls usually build the nest, but we can’t believe the speed in which he’s getting them up, it only takes him a few hours to construct and if they get damaged, he just sets about building another one the next day in a different place.”

Unfortunately the bird’s efforts are currently all in vain as the female bird is failing to sit on any eggs she lays in the nest, so keepers have stepped in to remove and incubate the eggs themselves.

Kellie added: “We feel a bit sorry for him. He’s so attentive towards her and will go and feed her and is obviously excited about impending fatherhood, but we’re hopeful that the female will start sitting on her own eggs soon.”