Bird of prey day

Eagle eyed visitors can discover all about raptors on Bank Holiday Monday as we host a bird of prey event in the 11th century castle courtyard.

As well as the opportunity to get close to a number of raptors including harris hawks, a red-footed falcon, common buzzard and a Northern White-faced Owl, we’ll also be raising awareness about the plight of barn owls and kestrels.

Bird Keeper Kriss Pearson, pictured above, who has organised the event, said: “Throughout the day we’ll be fundraising for nesting boxes for the zoo site for barn owls and kestrels, with games and quizzes.

“Not many people realise that barn owls and kestrels are declining in numbers, especially during winter months when cold, wet weather prevents them from nesting and hunting and many die of starvation, as wet weather also affects the vole population too, which is their main source of food.

“Barn owls in particular struggle with bad weather as they have very little waterproofing and if their feathers become waterlogged they have difficulty drying off.

“If we can provide them with safe, warm nesting boxes for the upcoming season, hopefully we can give a helping hand to the populations.”

If you’re visiting on Monday, make sure you visit Kriss and the birds in the castle courtyard.