Bird boxes go up

Nesting boxes painted by DZG’s young visitors are being installed across site.


Hundreds of bird boxes have been painted in camouflage colours as part of National Nest Box Week in a bid to provide extra shelter and safe nesting spots for the population of wild native birds.

DZG Curator, Matt Lewis, pictured above, said: “Staff have been busy varnishing the boxes that were painted by our young visitors during February half term and we have now started to put them up on the large trees around the 40-acre site.

“We have lots of native bird species across the site, including robins, blue tits, nuthatches, blackbirds and chaffinches, which will all be looking for somewhere to lay their eggs in the coming weeks.

“We’ll make sure we have them all up and ready for the breeding season, so if you’re on site over the next few months try to hunt out your box and you never know, it may even be in use.”