Binti the birthday girl!

It was watermelons all round as our chimps celebrated Binti’s 28th birthday today.

The mouth-watering fruit was donated by one of the chimps biggest fans, zoo member Wendy Gray from Coseley, who also sent in a bag of treats for the birthday girl.

Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden said: “Wendy very kindly gave us a bag for Binti containing raisins, tennis balls and a new pink towel as well as four watermelons for the whole group of girls to share.

“They absolutely loved the fruit and there were lots of good vocalisations too. There was plenty to go round and some of them chose to collect their share and take themselves off to different parts of the enclosure and enjoy the feast.

“It was so funny when Binti’s sister Banika munched a hole through one of her pieces and peered through it.

“Binti especially loved the watermelons as she is attracted to bright colours and is our little hoarder. She loves collecting things and gathering them around her so will love her toys and towel from Wendy.”

Wendy, who visits our seven female apes twice a week and brings keepers piles of goodies for them, has been coming to Dudley Zoo since she was a little girl and has bought 10 annual memberships for herself and family members.

Thanks for making Binti’s birthday special Wendy!