Billie sticks up for mum!

Brave Gelada baboon baby, Billie, soon squared up to dad, Ebano, after noticing he’d pinched food from his mum, Addis.


Lower Primates Keeper, Jade Reddall, who caught the exchange on her camera phone, said: “I had just thrown over some primate pellets for the geladas and our alpha male, Ebano went and collected most of it up, leaving nothing for Addis.

“Billie noticed Addis had no food and decided to give him a piece of his mind and bounded up to him squealing at the top of his voice.

“It was very funny to watch six-month-old Billie try to take him on, especially considering the size difference between them both, but Ebano took absolutely no notice of him whatsoever and Addis quickly appeared to usher a very angry Billie away!”

Watch and hear Billie square up to Ebano in the short clip below…