Big cat charm

Big cat fan, Rachel Moir, had an amazing experience meeting our Sumatran tigers, Daseep and Joao, when she became a DZG keeper for the day.


Rachel, from Aberdeen, was treated to the gift for her birthday by husband, Chris, who also joined her for her VIP day out, where she fed, watered and cleaned up after the majority of the site’s animals. 

The pair flew down from Scotland for the weekend to work alongside DZG keepers on all the different sections of the zoo, including birds, ungulates and primates.

Rachel said: “Chris has always known that I had wanted to do a zoo keeper experience and we chose Dudley as it was a great excuse for a weekend away and we could easily get flights from Aberdeen.

“The whole experience was amazing and the keepers we met were fantastic and all do a brilliant job.

“The best part of the day was meeting your big cats. I have had a huge thing about tigers for years, so to get up so close and personal with them gave me a lump in my throat.”

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