BIAZA honours Dave

We’re sending congratulations to our recently retired Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, who has been awarded Honorary Membership of BIAZA as a reflection of his lifelong career.

Following his retirement at the end of June, we’re delighted BIAZA Council has honoured Dave with the accolade following his four-decade vocation here at DZC, where he made an outstanding achievement by driving improvements not just here, but throughout the entire zoo sector.

Dr David Beeston, said: “I was so surprised on being informed of this honour that I was at first rendered speechless, something those of you who know me well will appreciate is nigh on impossible. On reflection and having noted some of the other eminent members of the zoo community who have received this honour in the past, I was thrilled and proud that my modest contribution to the zoo world had been recognised in this way.

“Looking back over the past 41 years, from the day I was appointed as Education Officer on a six month contract until my retirement I can honestly say that in all my roles within Dudley Zoo, in my time as a council member of ABWAK, my work on BIAZA committees and over the last 19 years in my role as a DMZAA Regional Coordinator, I have seen the major changes in the public standing of our industry; growth in the professionalism of our keepers and all our staff and the  astronomical growth of our contribution to global conservation.

“What started out as a temporary job grew into a way of life and I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it.

“To all my friends in the zoo world and especially to the members of the BIAZA Council a very sincere and heartfelt thank you for this amazing honour.”

Congratulations Dave – it’s well deserved!

You can read more about his four decades at DZC in the current ZooNooz magazine.