Benji’s spring clean


A spring clean has transformed male orang utan Benji’s internal den, thanks to the efforts of primate keepers.

Section Leader, Pat Stevens, alongside Head Gardener, Carl Stevens and Keeper, Sam Grove, replaced four tractor loads of old woodchip from the 36-year-old orang’s day den.

Pat, pictured right, said: “It was hard work, we had to shovel the used woodchip into plastic bins then carry them from one end of the building to the other as the corridors aren’t designed to allow wheelbarrows through.

“It took a whole day to empty and wash down and a further day filling it up again with clean chipping.”

Pat added: “Benji was relieved to get back to his day den once we had finished his spring clean, as he missed watching the world go by through the window while sitting in his favourite plastic crate!”