Beautiful native birds

We’ve been surveying the native birds living on our 40-acre site with help from Brewood Ringers and discovered some real beauties.

DZG Conservation Officer Chris Leeson and Customer Services Team Member and trainee bird ringer, Emma Dingley, alongside Brewood group members spent four hours on site collecting data about our feathered friends.

They caught five different species from mist nests situated in the off-show woodland behind the kangaroo enclosure, including a goldcrest, blue tit and long-tailed tit – pictured above with Emma.

Chris said: “Two of the birds were recaptures from the last time we did ringing on the site as they already had the ID ring on their foot.

“This is great news for us as it shows they’re staying local and surviving the winter and are obviously getting food from our bird feeders around the zoo.”

You too can help birds living in your garden through the cold winter months by providing high-fat products.
Ideal foods include bird seed mixtures, bird cake, as well as kitchen scraps such as fat, suet, mild grated cheese, cooked potatoes, pastry and dried fruit.