Beans means beanstalk!

Look what’s happened  . . . those magic beans have grown into a mini beanstalk, and they’re not finished yet!


Gardener Anthony Gwilt  – pictured above with Presenter Becky Iwahashi – has been tending our precious plant throughout the weekend and was taken aback when he saw the extra leaves this morning.   He said: “Magic beans can be a bit slow to start, but once they take root you can’t stop them.   “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it grows quite a lot overnight.”   That’s fantastic news as we’ve started the countdown to our Jack and The Beanstalk-themed Santa’s Grotto in Dudley Castle and that mega plant is needed for our young visitors.  

Santa’s Magical Winter Wonderland at DZG runs from December 5 to Christmas Eve and includes a magical train ride and show, plus a chance to see some of the rarest animals in the world – including meeting live reindeer in their festive hut in the shadow of the 11th century Dudley Castle.

For further details on Santa’s Magical Winter Wonderland please follow this link>

Don’t forget to book your place to see Santa in his Castle Grotto this Christmas!