Beans and blooms for chimps

DZG’s green-fingered gardeners have been busy planting seeds that are beginning to blossom into tasty treats for our seven female chimpanzees.


You’ve bean so kind… Lower Primates Section Leader Nicola Wright thanks DZG Head Gardener Carl Stevens for growing green treats for our chimps

Lower Primates Team Leader Nicola Wright asked our gardeners to grow some runner beans and nasturtium plants to provide delicious homegrown snacks for Mandy, Fanny, Barbie, Malaika, Binti, Mali and Banika.

webdzg_carls_chimp_beans_3_0She thought the seven girls would enjoy the beans and flowers so put in the request to our gardening team, who were happy to oblige.

Head Gardener Carl Stevens said: “The beans and flowers are doing well so we’ve handed them over to Nicola and the Keepers in Lower Primates to look after.

“They are looking very healthy plants so in a couple of months the chimps should get plenty of snacks from the beans and nasturtiums as the leaves, seed pods and flowers are all edible. We were more than happy to help.”

RIGHT: Binti and the girls will soon be in for a homegrown feast.