Be a Keeper for a Day!

DZG’s Keeper For a Day experience lets you get close to some of the rarest animals in the world.

Shadow our keepers as they go about their daily duties caring for a whole range of exotic creatures and learn all about your favourite species with a hands-on experience you’ll never forget!  


Caitlin Bradley,  aged 10 of Whitchurch, Shropshire, was treated to her special day by her grandparents, for achieving excellent school grades.

She said: “The baby tapir was so cute and friendly, the penguins were hilarious chasing after the fish, but the giraffes topped it all. “Giraffes are my favourite and to get that close and feed one was so cool! 

“I never thought I would get to do that!”


Yvonne and Paul Haggett, of Chellaston, Derbyshire were treated to the experience as a 50th birthday present for Yvonne and a joint 28th wedding anniversary gift for them both. 

Yvonne said: “We had a lovely day.  All the keepers were so friendly and caring about their animals.

“Our favourite part was Lemur Wood and the beautiful female lion who roared so loudly my sun glasses fell off!”


Caitlin-Bradley-web-1_0Elizabeth Guest, from Histon, Cambridge, celebrated her twelfth birthday at DZG?with friend Kate Chandler.

Elizabeth and Kate, who are both pupils at Impington Village College, fed meerkats, lemurs and penguins and then flew an owl and falcon in the courtyard.

She said:?”It was amazing to fly the great grey owl with people watching.”



Ten year old Jack Evans was treated to our Little Zoo Keeper experience as a Christmas gift from his grandmother and said the day was awesome and the best he’d ever had.

Jack so loved every minute he has asked if he can have the same present again for his birthday!  



Caitlin-Bradley-web-1_0Karen Gillespie, of Heysham in Lancashire said: “All the staff were so friendly and helpful and passionate about what they were doing.

“Flying the owl was absolutely brilliant and feeding the penguins is something I’ll never forget. 

“The lions were also incredible; I was terrified to begin with, pushing bits of meat through the bars as the lions lunged at them!”  

She added: “I can thoroughly recommend the experience to absolutely anyone. 

“And if you go with a preference as to which animal is your favourite, I guarantee you’ll come away with many more added to your list!”