Bart’s in purr-fect shape!

Geoffroy’s cat, Bart, has been given a purr-fect bill of health after undergoing a detailed annual medical.

DZG vet Peter Stewart has declared the 21-year-old, pictured above, in great shape for his years after going through a 30-minute full body check.

The routine tests were similar to the thorough examination our 35-year-old Asiatic black bear Inca sailed through last month, when she amazed the vet too.

ABOVE – Bart is found to be fighting fit after undergoing a full health check

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “Bart was sedated at the Animal Hospital so we could check his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, feet and claws.

“He also had a routine blood test to check on his internal organs and the vet felt his fur to look for any skin abnormalities.

“It all went smoothly and we were delighted to discover he is doing marvellously well for his age. I’m sure everyone will be pleased to hear the good news and many will pay him a visit when they are next with us.”

Great news Bart – you’re doing swell! 


Geoffroy’s cats are classified as small cats because:

·     their vocal apparatus means they cannot roar like tigers or lions

·      they feed in a crouching position,  big cats lie down to eat 

·      they have a hairless strip on the front of their nose