Bag a New Year bargain

Forgotten a festive pressie? Our 2013 calendar could be your easiest gift, and at just £5.99 it lasts a whole year, helps conservation in the wild and is THE New Year bargain!



Designed and written by Head of Media and Communications Jill Hitchman and with images by DZG Photographer, Jason Skarratt, the calendar reveals a humourous and fascinating insight into some of the rarest animals in the world within DZG’s collection.

Jill said:?”We took as our theme Every Picture Tells a Story and, complemented by three-word captions, the calendar offers a snapshot of DZG’s amazing creatures, touching on husbandry, enrichment and conservation.”

Calendars are available online and in the Safari Gift Shop and proceeds from sales will support DZG’s Madagascar Campaign to help lemurs in the wild to purchase click here >