Backing Black Country Day!

It’s Black Country Day and Dudley Zoo is having a bostin’ time celebrating the region’s heritage.


We’re flying the red, white and black flag at the top of Dudley Castle and giving one of our South American residents a lesson in the local lingo.

webbcd3Keeper Harley Hunt, pictured above, has been teaching a few useful words such as ‘ow am ya?’ and ‘tara a bit’ to our newest non local – Goeldi’s monkey, Santiago.

Nine-year-old Santiago, shown left with the Black Country flag, has recently arrived from Benidorm as a mate for our nine-year-old female Francisco and is getting used to our Keepers’ accents.

webbcd3We’re also selling Black Country pin badges, priced £1.99, in our Safari Shop – as shown by Customer Services Team Member Gavin Maybury who really got into the spirit and wore the flag on his face!

DZG’s Marketing Manager Andrea Hales said:? “We are showing off our Black Country colours with pride today.

“Dudley Zoo and Castle are recognised as a much-loved parts of Black Country family life and we feel it’s important to celebrate our incredible heritage.

“We were also delighted to help host the 50-day countdown to today’s event at Dudley Castle.”

RIGHT – Let’s face it – we have a lot to be proud of in the Black Country as DZG’s Customer Services Team Member Gavin Maybury agrees.

Wear a pin with pride and enjoy Black Country Day at DZG!