Back together again

Snow leopards Margaash and Nanga have been reintroduced following the sudden death of their 11 week-old cub, Nidara.

The big cats had been separated since the cub’s birth in May, with Margaash split from Nanga and the baby.   But following the youngster’s tragic death last week, keepers took the decision to put the adults back together as soon as possible.   Big cat keeper, Adam Walker, said: “Nanga was clearly upset following Nidara’s death but after a few days the pair began to rub their faces against each other through the mesh, so we decided it was time to get them back together.   “As they had been separated for quite a while we were on standby to act in case anything happened, but we needn’t have worried, as the two greeted each other as if they had never been apart.”