Bachelors on the bigger bank!

Our male group of gelada baboons have had a major extension to their enclosure – in fact it’s almost three times its original size!


ABOVE – Curator Richard Brown gets a great view of a gelada baboon from the top of the newly-extended enclosure

The boundary fence, pictured below, has been extended up to the top of the sensory garden for the whole width of the enclosure giving our five bachelors, Simiya, Semelo, Sanjo, Jima and Jilo, bags more room up the bank.


A contractor completed the work in a week and the males are already enjoying exploring the new area.


ABOVE – More room means more grass for our gelada bachelors

Curator Richard Brown said: “We have added over 100 metres to the fence line and which has given the boys much more room and lots of grazing area up on the bank.

“We wanted to make the most of the bank which is a wonderfully interesting and natural grazing area for the animals.

“As soon as they went out into the newly-extended area, the baboons were quite intrigued and went straight to the top. 

“The new paddock also offers visitors some great views of the baboons from the sensory garden.”