Bachelor pad for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs Alfie and Rufus have moved into an impressive new bachelor pad inside DZG’s Education Block.


The pair, pictured above with Presentation Assistant Amy Hickman, are settling in well to their adorable abode made by our volunteer carpenters Geoff Benbow and Rob Jurczenko.

The new residence came about after Presenter Dorrie Hall saw the beautiful bungalows the carpenters had built for the guinea pigs on the Farm – and she had to have one for the Discovery Centre!

Dorrie said: “I saw the wooden guinea pig homes down on the Farm and felt a little bit jealous.

“That’s when I asked Geoff and Rob if they could make one for Alfie and Rufus.

“The boys absolutely love the new house and have been chattering to each other and snuggling up inside.”

Alfie and Rufus were born on the Farm and regularly take part in school sessions and get to meet our Little Zoo Keepers.

Dorrie added: “Queen Elizabeth I was the first person to have a guinea pig from South America to keep as a pet.

“They do make really good pets. They are social animals so it is normally best to keep more than one.”