Baby steps and baby teeth!

Nina, our two-month-old Colombian black spider monkey is growing up so quickly – just look at her tiny teeth!

A critically endangered new world monkey species, spider monkeys have a very similar dental count to humans, but with an extra pre-molar.

Senior Keeper Jade Reddall, who captured the footage, said: “We’ve noticed Nina’s teeth appearing over the last few weeks, but by the looks of it she has most of her baby teeth through now.

“She’s still suckling from mum, Evita, but we have seen her mouth a little bit of courgette, so she’s starting to show an interest in trying solid foods.”

Staff have also noticed Nina has been busy observing the troop’s four adults and has already picked up the head shake – which is the behaviour they do to initiate play and social contact between each other and with their keepers.