Baby otters!

Our otter family have been boosted by four more pups!

Trainee Keeper, Danielle Partridge, managed to take the first photos of the Asiatic short-clawed babies, after spotting them emerging outside for one of their very first outings!

The pups are the offspring of mum, Keyah, aged seven and 12 year-old dad, Buddy and are thought to have been born around the beginning of June.

Danielle said: “The babies stay hidden away for the first few months and only appear around three months old, although we’ve been hearing a few squeaks over recent weeks, so we guessed we’d had some new arrivals.”

Three older siblings, born to mum and dad two years-ago, are set to relocate to another collection in the coming weeks.

  • Gestation lasts around 60 days and both parents will care for their offspring.
  • Babies are born toothless and with their eyes closed.
  • They’ll open their eyes by day 40 and can swim by day 60.