Baby news

Meet our newest arrival – a baby black lemur!

The baby was born to mum, Barbara, last week and both are doing well.

You can spot mum and baby, alongside dad, Bryan and older one year-old sibling twins, Charles and Camilla, in their habitat opposite the chimp paddock.

Keepers are yet to confirm the newborn’s sex, but the fur of female black lemurs will turn brown after a few weeks, whereas males remain black, so they’ll reveal their own gender to staff soon!

Section Leader, Jodie Dryden said: “Barbara is an experienced mum and having twins last time, she’s probably finding it easier this time around with just one!

“Baby is alert and doing well and the older twins have been watching mum’s actions closely, which will be a life skill for their important future roles in the breeding programme.”

Here at DZC, black lemurs are a special species, as we’re the black lemur European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) and International Studbook (ISB) holder.

Overseen by Curator Richard Brown, alongside zoo Registrar, Nicola Wright, they study the genetics of the black lemur species in more than 75 collections worldwide and will make recommendations about which lemurs are suitable for breeding together – it’s known as the animal version of blind date!

Richard said: “We’re really pleased to have another healthy baby who will go on to have an important part in sustaining the captive population providing a safety net against the threat of extinction of this endangered species.”

Black lemurs are only found in Madagascar and are under threat for the pet trade and for food.