Baby macaque’s wee wave

Our adorable baby macaque – who is two weeks old today – has given visitors the cutest little wave after being greeted by crowds of wellwishers.

The little one – who still hasn’t been sexed – has been photographed and visited by hundreds of animal lovers since being born on public view on Tuesday 21st July.


CAPTION: DZG member and keen photographer Kathryn Willett got a personal greeting from the tiny macaque. She also took another lovely family portrait, right.

The young Sulawesi crested macaque – born to mum Jasmine and dad Simon – is the first macaque birth at DZG for three and a half years.

Some visitors were lucky enough to see the amazing birth and many have snapped some lovely shots of the youngster.

Member Karen Edwards took some smashing photos of the baby close-up and feeding, below.


DZG’s Head of Upper Primates, Pat Stevens, said: “The baby is doing incredibly well and is very popular.

“We’ve had a lot of wellwishers and hope to be able to determine its sex soon so we can come up with a suitable name.”