Baby lemur is boy!

Have you spotted the newest addition to the Small Primate House, yet?


This morning primate keepers sexed our baby ring-tailed lemur and discovered it’s a boy.

The youngster, who has been named Spock, was born on December 15 and is the offspring of mum, Pheobe and dad, Frank.

Trainee keeper, Stephanie Sawyer, said: “We decided to call him Spock because he has massive ears!

“Both mum and baby are doing really well and Spock will cling to Phoebe until he is around 12 weeks-old although he is very inquisitive and has been coming off her regularly over recent days.

“He has even been going right to the top of his climbing frame on his own, so is very confident already and likes teasing his big brother, Sheldon.”