Baby capybara meets visitors

A capybara born in the South American ungulates paddock couldn’t wait to meet zoo visitors!

Within hours of its birth the baby – who has been named Pecan – was running round the enclosure with her parents.   DZG-capybara-webKeeper Laura Robbins said: “It was quite early in the morning and I was the first member of staff in the paddock and I had such a surprise when I?saw something dart behind the wooden huts and realised the baby had arrived.   “We’ve named her Pecan and she’s an adorable little thing and very confident.   “Thankfully the weather has been fairly dry and sunny and she has spent a lot of time out in the external area saying hallo to the visitors.”   The largest of the rodent species capybaras are adapted to an aquatic lifestyle and have a wide range of vocalisations.  Part of an international breeding programme, the species originates from South America.   CAPTION: Pecan, the capybara born last week enjoys the sunshine in the South American ungulates paddock with mum, Peanut.