Baby boom!

DZG is bursting with pride after welcoming a bundle of new babies to its collection.

We’re delighted to introduce a pair of Carpathian lynx cubs, a baby Patagonian mara, a little Barbary sheep, a tiny pygmy marmoset, a capuchin monkey and four black rats.


Zoo Director Derek Grove said: “We are thrilled to announce all our recent arrivals and are pleased to say mums and babies are all doing well.

“Our success is testament to the dedication and hard work of staff who work tirelessly caring for some of the rarest animals in the world.”

The Carpathian lynx twins, pictured above, were born on May 20 and have just started venturing out into their paddock after being with mum Daisy in the internal dens for around six weeks.


Our baby Patagonian mara, above, arrived on June 23rd, born to mum Martha and Dad Lenny.

Section leader Jay Haywood said: “It’s quite rare to get just one baby but it’s strong and healthy and already running around and playing.”

June 21st saw the birth of a little Barbary sheep and although Keepers have discovered it’s a boy, they haven’t named him yet.

A tiny pygmy marmoset (pictured below), the world’s smallest monkey, was born on June 19 to mum Pam and dad Hendrix.


A baby yellow-breasted capuchin arrived on June 25th. Mum Dinya, dad Willow and the little one are all well.

Four black rats have been born in our Castle Creatures exhibit, an interactive attraction inside the 11th century Dudley Castle which features live animals.

And a couple of little lemurs, born on April 21st, and mum Pheobe have moved into Lemur Wood with the rest of the ring-tailed lemur breeding group.

Welcome to all our little ones and do visit them soon!