Baby birds!

Our 40-acre wooded site is home to lots of wild birds and over the last few weeks we’ve been keeping a little secret, which we know some of you discovered for yourselves!

Our big cat keepers have been keeping a close eye on a family of robins, who took up residence in the public walk-in pyramid tunnel in the lynx enclosure, building a beautiful little nest tucked just behind the wooden panelling.
But now the chicks have all successfully fledged and the nest is empty, we can share photos of the new family, who have further boosted our native species numbers on-site, which is fantastic!
Plus, they haven’t gone far, as staff are still spotting the fledglings hanging around close by!
Did you discover the babies?
Don’t forget you can help our native species surveying by uploading any photographs of native flora and fauna at the zoo to iNaturalist. You can find out more HERE.