Babes join dads’ Xmas animal feed

Baby’s first Christmas will definitely be remembered by the families of Seth Brown and Sebastian Walker.


Six-month-old Seth and Sebastian, aged three months, are the sons of two senior keepers and spent their first yuletide on site watching their dads  prepare Christmas lunch for 1,300 animals!   Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, of Sandwell, said:?”December 25 means business as usual at DZG as the site’s rare and exotic animals, which include Sumatran tigers,Bornean orang utans and Santa’s reindeer, all needed to be fed and watered.   “Christmas Day is the only day of the year the zoo is closed to visitors and the only time we really get to spend alone with the animals, so it’s quite magical and both Adam and myself wanted to share that with our babies.”   Dads and lads also included Richard’s two-year-old son, Archie, who promised to open his presents extra early on Christmas morning if he could accompany his father and brother to the zoo!   Festive duties across the zoo’s 40-acre site are shared between staff, and those not on the rota usually call in with a few treats for their favourite charges.   Adam Walker, of Dudley, said: “The animals do become extensions of our own families. We’re lucky to work with some of the rarest animals in the world every single day and it’s special to spend some extra time with them when the zoo is so quiet before we head home to begin the festivities and tuck into our own Christmas dinners.   “I’m sure we’ve started a tradition and when our boys are a few years older we will both be bringing them on site with us to deliver their own Christmas presents to the animals.”   Pictured: Delivering presents to DZG’s reindeer are Senior Keeper, Adam Walker, with three month-old Sebastian and Assistant Curator, Richard Brown with two year-old Archie and six month-old Seth.