Autumn sun seekers

The weather may be mixed but our ring-tailed lemurs manage to grab some autumn sunshine at a hot spot in their walkthrough home.

The sun-worshippers regularly congregate on a wooden ledge at the start of the one-acre Lemur Wood exhibit, which is a real sun trap.

Even when it’s not as sunny, the lemurs love the light and can still be seen in sunbathing mode during dry weather.

Keeper Deb Pittaway said: “Our lemurs love the sunshine and are certainly making the most of the milder temperatures we’ve been having.

“They really extend out their arms and legs to soak up every inch of the rays and love nothing more than a spot of sunbathing.

“And our visitors love seeing their funny poses too. They make for some super pictures as a reminder of a great day out at the zoo.”

Autumn at DZG is a great time for photos. Feel free to send us yours!