Aspiring keeper’s superb day

Seventeen-year-old Dewi Spence is more determined than ever to become a zoo keeper after a superb day with DZG staff.

Dewi, from Aberystwyth, was treated to the Keeper for a Day experience as a Christmas present from his mum Kate Williams, who joined him on the day. (The pair are pictured right, feeding our colony of Humboldt penguins.)

Kate said: “The whole day was superb and the highlight for Dewi was the chimps. He would love to be a zoo keeper, particularly working with primates, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“We got very close to the chimps and gave them something to drink which was wonderful.”

She said Dewi planned to start a media course at college next year and would then like to go on to work with animals.

Kate added: “Eventually Dewi would like to do something that combined media and animals.

“The keepers were an inspiration to him as they were knowledgeable, friendly and completely passionate about the animals in their care.”