As flat as a pancake!

Two new pancake tortoises are settling into the Reptile House and they’re a brand new species for DZG!

So-called because of their unique looking pancake flat shell, the breeding pair, who are native to Tanzania and Kenya have relocated from Bristol Zoo.

Curator Richard Brown, said: “Pancake tortoises are classed as a vulnerable species in the wild, due to habitat loss and threats by the illegal pet trade, so we’re delighted to have a breeding pair here at DZG.”

Did you know unlike other tortoise species they can run fast! Plus, their shell is flexible, which allows them to climb and wedge themselves tightly into rock crevices – so don’t be alarmed if you see them doing this!

Spot them in the first enclosure directly in front of the Reptile House entrance and you can easily identify them as the female tortoise has a flatter shell than the male and it looks like she’s wearing earmuffs (she’s on the left in the pic!)