Arty apes

Our arty apes have been busy over the last few days painting colourful canvasses to help us raise money for World Chimpanzee Day – but they’re limited edition, so you’ve got to be quick if want some original artwork on your wall!

Tomorrow’s official day (14th July) aims to raise awareness of the threats to endangered chimpanzees, which includes habitat destruction, poaching for bushmeat and the pet trade.

As we’re unable to hold a fundraising event on site, Fanny, Malaika, Mandy, Mali, Barbie, Banika and Binti, our seven chimp girls, have been getting crafty producing the art, which we’ll be selling over the phone on 01384 215313 over the next few days priced £8 and £10 (plus p&p).

We’ll be sending all money raised to the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone, which not only cares for 100 chimps on site, but is also actively engaged in community  conservation outreach and field research.

Lower Primates Section Leader, Jodie Dryden, said: “We give the girls lots of varied enrichment and painting is one of things we occasionally try with them.

“We give them brushes dipped in paint and hold up canvases for them to add their brushstrokes and they all have a go creating the masterpieces.

“It can get quite messy for us with different colours flying around everywhere, but they’ve produced some great works of art for our visitors for a great cause.”