Arty animals

More than 50 Stourbridge students created their own works of animal art during a bespoke education session at DZG.


Our blue and gold macaw Charlie, pictured above with Presenter Dorrie Hall, was the star model when 58 graphic design students from King Edward VI College took part in an annual workshop, called Arty Animals: Fur, Feathers and Scales, in our education centre.

The session, run by Presenter Dorrie Hall and Presentation Assistant Rob Dickie, allowed the students, aged between 16 and 18, to photograph and draw some our animals with either fur, feathers or scales.

Dorrie said: “This year many of the students fell for our 25-year-old blue and gold macaw, Charlie.

“They particularly enjoyed sketching her as she was just as enthralled by them!

“The students also got to meet some of our reptiles including Raleigh our Brazilian rainbow boa, Loki our blue-tongued skink, Phil our great plated lizard and Edmund our bearded dragon.

“They also loved photographing Muffin, our chinchilla, and he also enjoyed the attention.”

webdzg_charlie_walkabout_2_0   webdzg_charlie_walkabout_2_0

During the session Dorrie had set our several different stations, like the ones pictured above, where the aspiring artists and photographers could investigate and learn more about fur, feathers and scales.

King Edward VI College tutor Stewart Monk said: “This workshop gave the students chance to enjoy a flexible experience which was really useful and they were engaged with all the subject material.”

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