Art’s a piece of cake for Laura

Crafty DZG volunteer, Laura Partridge, has been busy creating further works of art this week with African hunting dog inspired birthday cupcakes.


dzg_cupcakesLaura, who celebrated her 23rd birthday, made the creative cupcakes to share with Discovery Centre staff based on her favourite DZG animals – 10 year-old brothers Morani, Bem and Chican.

DZG Presenter, Caroline Howard, said: “We already knew about Laura’s brilliant arts and craft ability, as she’s previously made a life size zebra enrichment toy for the African hunting dogs and a large tree for the Discovery Centre, but the cupcakes were amazing as the colours and features were spot-on.

“The only problem was no-one wanted to eat them because they looked so good.”


   Birthday girl: Volunteer Laura and her life-size zebra.

African hunting dogs tear into the enrichment treat.