Arachno Workshop moult aid

Raptor, our Mexican red-kneed tarantula will be helping people conquer their fear of spiders in our Arachno Workshops – thanks to his annual moult.

edit_webmoult1_0DZG Presenter Dorrie Hall said: “Tarantulas have an exoskeleton they need to shed.

“A new exoskeleton grows inside the old one and, when ready, the old one is shed as the new one stretches out.

“We will be using Raptor’s moult in our workshops where people with a genuine fear of spiders can try handling it before going on to touch the real thing.”

She added: “Moulting happens about once a year with adults, but youngsters can shed monthly if they are growing fast.”

BELOW & RIGHT: Presenter Dorrie Hall with the shed exoskeleton.

For further details on our Arachnophia Workshops call 01384 212313 or CLICK HERE edit_webmoult1_0

BELOW: Mexican red-kneed tarantula, Raptor post moult.