Ape workshop first

Four DZG primate keepers attended the first Great Ape Welfare Group Workshop, with one of our staff taking a starring role in the presentations.

Pat Stevens, Jodie Dryden, Harley Hunt and Deb Pittaway took part in the one-day BIAZA event at Bristol Zoo Gardens which featured expert talks on how to provide the best care for great apes and allowed for knowledge sharing between the various animal collections.

And Deb spoke on behalf of DZG about how we train our four Bornean orangutans.


Deb said: “I gave a brief talk about animal training and how it’s not just what we provide for our orangs, but how we provide it which can affect their welfare.

“It went well and it was good to have the opportunity for other keepers to discuss and think about how they provide for their ape groups.”

Well done, Deb!